Adult Courses


Courses for adults with British and American teachers

All online classes at English Academy are taught by native teachers from England and the United States.

Easy, accessible and effortless, they will help you master the English language.

Our virtual classrooms give the full functionality and feeling of a real learning environment.

The interactive platform is available on your tablet or laptop without installation or the need for technical knowledge.

  • convenient, from the comfort of your home or office;
  • training with a teacher in real time;
  • full communication with the teacher and the other participants in the group through audio and video connection;
  • interactive whiteboard;
  • chat and ability to share files between participants;
  • opportunity to work in groups;
  • feedback from the teacher and the other participants in the group.



For those of you who want to build and improve your knowledge and use the language in your daily life.

  • From beginner to advanced level we will help you to use English fluently in everyday life, work, social contacts and education.
  • The courses are divided into two modules - A and B.
  • At the end of each module you receive a certificate linked to the European Language Framework.
  • The groups are small, the lessons are conducted entirely in English, with a convenient schedule for both employees and students.
  • Each student receives a free original textbook from the British publishing house Longman.

Do you want to communicate fluently in English and speak with confidence and confidence?

The "Communication skills" program is a short and effective way to refresh your English, to accumulate useful and practical vocabulary and to speak with ease.

  • Our teachers from England and America will help you develop your communication skills and successfully cross the language barrier.
  • Each session is dedicated to a different practical topic from your daily life - well-known topics and current events are discussed, and each participant is encouraged to take an active part in the discussions.

To use English confidently in work situations and to communicate freely, both in writing and verbally.

  • The purpose of our business courses is to help you develop skills and qualities that are directly related to your professional and personal development.
  • The focus is on building presentation skills, successful meetings and negotiations, communication skills, solving real business cases.
  • Classes are led by qualified teachers with many years experience in teaching in the business field around the world.
  • Small study groups ensure faster progress.
  • Classes are held entirely outside working hours.