International Exams


Exam preparation courses with British teachers

The exam courses will help you pass an exam for your chosen international certificate.

The course is led by English-speaking specialists, familiar with the form and requirements to successfully pass the exam. Our British team of teachers have many years of experience in conducting and assessing exams.

  • Classes are held in small study groups
  • Each student receives an individual package of materials for class work and a rich set of self-preparation materials
  • You can choose between a group or individual training.


During the certificate preparation:

  • You will practice each component of the exam and focus on exam techniques;
  • You will develop language skills specific to each part of the exam;
  • You will master successful strategies for obtaining an international certificate;
  • You will get acquainted with the common mistakes made by candidates and be taught how to avoid making them;
  • You will get real exam materials that have been taken in recent years;
  • You will undertake mock tests conducted in a real test environment;
  • You will receive a free set of additional materials for self-preparation, which will contribute to your success in the exam.

CAE is among the most popular certificates recognised by schools, universities and private and public sector employers throughout the English-speaking world. The certificate has no expiration date and is valid for life.

IELTS is one of the most popular certificates recognised by over 10,000 institutions in 140 countries. It is also the only English language test recognised by the immigration services of many countries that require a certificate of English language ability. The certificate is valid up to 2 years after taking the exam.