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Business English Courses

We offer a full range of courses from Intemediate (B1) to Advanced (C1) which are suitable for those preparing for a career in business, or already working and who want to improve and practice their English communication skills.

Before you start your course, during the registration periods we will test your current knowledge of English, to make sure you are placed in a group at the right level.

Key facts


Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1)

Course duration

Autumn, Winter and Spring terms: 12 weeks

Summer term: 4 weeks


Autumn, Winter and Spring terms: 4 hours per week, 60 minutes each

Summer term: 6 hours per week, 60 minutes each

Average class size

8 students

Maximum class size

12 students

Course description

Classes in Business English aim to improve the use of English in professional settings. Our business English focus on vocabulary and phrases used in global business environment, as well as on grammar usage and the skills required to function in business. Care is taken to ensure that the level of linguistic complexity matches that of the General English courses.

The purpose of the training is to help students to use the language freely and fully in a working environment. The business English courses cover many different topics such as Business correspondence, Globalisation, Advertising,  business meetings, telephoning, making presentations, describing statistics, diagrams, trends and graphs, negotiating, solving business problems, socialising and small talk with business partners.

Our methods

Our teaching approach helps students to develop their language skills in order to be able to communicate effectively in an English speaking environment. EA specialised Business English where we cover all the skills but focus more on speaking and listening. Emphasis is placed on communication tasks which give you the opportunity to practise fluency and build confidence in business situations.

Each lesson is based on one of these topics and features role plays, case studies and discussions. Our experienced business tutors help you to build on your existing knowledge of both Business and English with all the specialist English language input and realistic role-play situations you need for your future career.  Throughout the course students are encouraged to use their own experience and opinions in order to maximise involvement and learning.

Course aims

  • Build your Business English language skills and develop the business skills necessary for your career;
  • Communicate more confidently, effectively, accurately and fluently in both written and spoken English;
  • Build confidence in using English in real-life situations such as emails and meetings, combined with working successfully in a cross-cultural environment;
  • Improve your understanding of grammar to allow you to work more successfully in English;
  • Expand your English for business vocabulary;
  • Increase your grammatical knowledge, enabling you to use a greater range of structures while speaking English;
  • Learn how to create presentations;
  • Become confident in using English at work and in situations connected with work;
  • Develop presentation skills by analysing figures, graphs, and describing trends;
  • Develop a broader understanding of topical international issues.

What can I expect from the course

  • Study different aspects of a company'sbusiness, for example products, finance, marketing and services;
  • Work on simulated business calls, meetings and negotiations;
  • Consider business in cross-cultural scenarios and by comparing different international working habits and issues;
  • Develop appropriate communication, strategies;
  • Listen to real business conversations to increase your understanding;
  • Focus on speaking practice with realistic situations;
  • Learn with teachers who have real life business experience;
  • Regular homework;
  • Mid-term and end-term test;
  • End-of-course certificate.