Adult Courses


Speaking Courses

The aim of these courses is to assist students in consolidating and developing speaking skills appropriate to everyday life and to increase the students overall vocabulary. At the end of the course, students will have the skills and confidence to use English and they will also be able to express their ideas clearly and appropriately.

The courses are topic based and you will learn specific vocabulary related to the topic. Lesson activities include a variety of business and general topics, vocabulary-building, grammar exercises and role-plays, all designed to provide students with a useful and enjoyable learning experience.

Key facts:


Pre Intermediate (A2) to Pre Advanced (B2)

Course duration

6 weeks during Autumn, Winter and Spring terms,

4 weeks during the Summer term


4 hours per week, 60 minutes each, during Autumn, Winter and Spring terms

6 hours per week, 60 minutes each, during the Summer term

Average class size

8 students

Maximum class size

12 students

Topics include

  • Social English: general English conversations
  • Describing things: lots of adjectives to describe people and objects
  • Holidays: travel and holiday vocabulary
  • Food: vocabulary for restaurants and shopping
  • Memories: practicing past tenses in speaking
  • Around the home: vocabulary for all things found in the home
  • Christmas: Christmas Vocabulary to be used around Christmas time
  • Listening: practicing listening skills – Can be topic based or general English

Course aims

  • Designed to help you improve your general ability to communicate in English;
  • Improve your vocabulary in various topics
  • Improve your listening and speaking skills quickly and effectively while gaining confidence;
  • Improve your real understanding of English in everyday situations and contexts;
  • To improve spoken proficiency and gain confidence in speaking;
  • To improve your pronunciation;
  • To be able to express your ideas clearly and appropriately in English.