Courses for kids


How To Register Your Child

Our young learner courses are suitable for children aged 6-14. Prior to registration young learners need to take the placement test if they:

  • are enrolling with English Academy for the first time;
  • were tested by us over 6 months ago;
  • finished classes over 6 months ago and wish to re-register.

Registration periods in English Academy are usually 10-14 days before each course. Children will take a short written test of between 10-30 minutes depending on their age and level followed by a speaking test by our director or one of our teachers.

Parents are invited to join their child during the speaking test to observe their child speaking English and to help nervous children feel relaxed in the classroom.

The teacher will then advise of the best course of study for your child.

You can reserve a place for the following term for our existing/current young students during straight after the end of the current term. At the reception you will find an individual level suggestion done by your child’s teacher depending on its grades and progress.

Individual young learner lessons can start at any time and date, so please contact us to arrange a time and date for your placement test.