Courses for kids

Young Learners Levels

In order to further improve your child’s progression and success “The English Academy” has organised the young learner courses into three distinct areas.

English Academy Middle school (7-11 year olds)

Our middle students follow the Backpack and Yazoo series from Longman which has been designed to engage children in this age group. Our native speaking teachers ensure an English only environment whilst delivering lessons in an enjoyable, supportive atmosphere. Mrs.

English Academy Senior school (11-14 year olds)

Our older learners follow the Challenges and Cosmic Series from Longman which is particularly suited for secondary school students. In our English only classrooms the emphasis is on speaking accurately and fluently. This level can lead to the Cambridge FCE for schools certificate, an International certificate recognized throughout the world.

In order for parents and children to track progression through the 3 different schools, the following chart shows each of the levels and how they correspond to each other.

Juniors (4-6) Mids (7-11) Seniors (11-14)
Level 1a    
Level 1b    
Level 2a Starter A (backpack Starter)  
Level 2b Starter B (backpack Starter)  
Level 3a Level 1a (yazoo 1)  
Level 3b Level 1b (backpack 1)  
  Level 2a (yazoo 2)  
  Level 2b (backpack 2)  
  Level 3a (yazoo 3)  
  Level 3b (backpack 3)  
  Level 4a (yazoo 4) L1a (challenges 1a)
  Level 4b (backpack 4) L1b (challenges 1b)
  Level 5a (yazoo 5) L2a (challenges 2a)
  Level 5b (backpack 5) L2b (challenges 2b)
    L3a (challenges 3a)
    L3b (challenges 3b)
    L4a (challenges 4a)
    L4b (challenges 4b)
    L5a (Cosmic B1a)
    L5b (Cosmic B1b)
    L6a (Cosmic B2a)
    L6b (Cosmic B2b)
    L7a (Activate/FCE for schools)
    L7b (Activate/FCE for schools)