Adult Courses


General English Courses

We offer a full range of courses from Beginner (A1) through to Proficiency (C2) and cover all aspects of English language. The main focus is on developing speaking and listening skills, and increasing vocabulary, aiming to help you to use English effectively in general, everyday situations.

Course aims:
  • Improve your English skills for work, studies or general use;
  • Improve all areas of English: listening, speaking, reading, writing; you will also learn new grammar and vocabulary;
  • Improve your English level quickly and effectively while gaining confidence;
  • Improve your real understanding of English in everyday situations and contexts.
Annual courses with a 20% discount
  • Our annual courses are available for all types of courses for children and adults at English Academy
  • The annual tuition starts in September and includes 3 terms (Autumn, Winter and Spring) and entitles the student to a 20% discount on the full tuition fee for the three semesters.
  • The annual fee can be paid in full before the start of the course or in 3 instalments during the school year.
  • When changing the length of language training from annual to semester, fees are recalculated using the full course fee.
  • Upon completion of the annual training, students receive a 20% discount for summer intensive courses.
Ways of learning
  • IN CLASS AT ENGLISH ACADEMY: We have redesigned our classrooms to allow for social distancing and smaller groups, with each student working on their own desk with their own space.  All classrooms and common areas are disinfected before and after each lesson and all students and staff are required to disinfect their hands upon entry to the building. 
  • ONLINE IN A VIRTUAL CLASSROOM >>> Classes are taught on the educational platform of ZOOM - a real virtual classroom with an interactive whiteboard, with visual, written and verbal communication with the teacher and other students in the group, the opportunity to raise your hand, work in groups, where students can watch videos , listen to pronunciation and music exercises, send files, take tests, share links, video and audio.

Currently, following the guidance from the Ministry of Health, all adult courses are taught only online.

What our courses include?
  • Highly qualified teachers - native speakers with rich professional experience;
  • Free Students book for all 48 hour courses and free supplementary materials;
  • English only is encouraged in the classroom to improve your level quicker;
  • Regular homework;
  • Mid term and final tests;
  • Small groups of average 8, maximum 12 students;
  • Modern fully equipped classrooms, offerring pleasant atmosphere;
  • Communication approach to teaching, consolidate your grammar and practice through speaking;
  • Written and spoken test on your first day to assess your level of English and to place you in a class appropriate for you;
  • End-of-course certificate.
Key facts


Beginner (A1) to Proficiency (C2)

Upcoming general English courses in Varna

SPRING TERM 2021: Start 13 April 2021; Registration 5 - 10 April 2021

SUMMER INTENSIVE COURSES 2021: Start 12 July 2021; Registration 5 - 10 July 2021

AUTUMN 2021: Start 21 September 2021; Registration 13 - 18 September 2021

Course duration

Autumn, Winter and Spring terms: 12 weeks

Summer term: 8 weeks


Autumn, Winter and Spring terms: 4 hours per week, 60 minutes each

Summer term: 6 hours per week, 60 minutes each

Our Methods

We believe communication in English is vital, therefore it is one of the main focuses in our courses. No matter what your level is, English is the only language spoken in class. Even beginners will be using English from the start . Traditional grammar and vocabulary exercises interlock with interesting reading and listening comprehension exercises, pair work, projects, discussions and role-plays.  We encourage the students to take an active part in lessons. You will be expected to participate as much as possible.

You will study with a course book but your teacher will also use other teaching resources in your lessons.  The book may account for only around half of the lesson.  Other resources include self made materials by the teacher, audio CDs, DVDs, magazines and newspapers and extra study materials.

Our levels

There are eight levels in our system, Beginners through to Proficiency. Each level is broken down into an A and B part, and you can expect to study around half a level per course.

You will take a Progress Test in the middle of your course and an end term test, to test your speaking, reading and writing skills. A final grade of A, B or C means you’ve successfully completed the course and can move on to the next level.

After Pre Intermediate level you can chose between General or Business English. We encourage our students to sit for the Cambridge ESOL examinations when they reach the highest levels. For these students we offer exam preparation courses.

Our Academic Calendar

English Academy offers year round English courses for adults. Our academic calendar is divided into 4 semesters and students can join a group at any one of these times: Autumn term (from September), Winter term (from January), Spring (from April) and Summer intensive term (from July), each of which includes all levels.