Adult Courses


How to register

Prior to registration you need to take a placement test if you:

  • are enrolling with English Academy for the first time
  • were tested by us over 6 months ago
  • finished classes over 6 months ago and wish to re-register.

Registration periods for our regular group courses in English Academy are usually 10-14 days before each course.

Students are invited to do a 30-45 minute multiple choice test followed by a 5-10 minute speaking test and consultation with our director or with one of our teachers. The language assessment is a specially designed placement test to ensure that you are in the correct class. Students are then given a choice of which match their level.

Our existing/current students can reserve places for the following terms during the last week of the previous term.

Individual lessons can start at any time and date, so please contact us to arrange a time and date for your placement test.