Adult Courses


Speaking Skills with native speakers

If you want to communicate fluently in English and speak freely and confidently

Speaking courses at English Academy are a short and effective way to refresh your English, gain useful and practical vocabulary and speak with ease.

With our exceptional teachers from England and America, the classes will pass with joy. In role-playing games, dialogues and discussions, they will help you develop your communication skills and successfully overcome the language barrier.

  • Each lesson is dedicated to a different practical topic - for example, small-talk, family, home, friends, work environment, travel and more;
  • Each topic aims to enrich your vocabulary and develop your skills to have a free and easy conversation in English in various practical situations;
  • You will activate your passive knowledge of English;
  • You will improve your pronunciation and communication skills in English;
  • Very interesting exercises and topics without written homework;
  • No textbooks or heavy grammar;
  • Small groups with a convenient schedule outside of school or working hours.


Key facts:


Pre Intermediate (A2) to Pre Advanced (B2)

Upcoming speaking courses

May 2021, August 2021

Course duration

6 weeks during Autumn, Winter and Spring terms,

4 weeks during the Summer term


4 hours per week, 60 minutes each, during Autumn, Winter and Spring terms

6 hours per week, 60 minutes each, during the Summer term