Българската мечта на един американец


Второто интервю от нашата рубрика „Опознай English Academy – Varna“ е вече факт и е с не кой да е, а един от най-лъчезарните учители в нашата академия - Брус. Той е от цели 25 години в България и малко или много вече си е от "нашите хора", както се казва :) Овладял ли е така сложния за чужденците български език, какви са били първите му впечатления за страна ни, кое е любимото му местенце в България и още други интересни истории можеш да прочетеш в интервюто с г-н Касълс. Но първо малко факти за него:

  • 7 години преподавателски опит в България, работейки с всякакви възрасти и различни нива;
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Grand Canyon University, USA;
  • Master’s of Divinity from SWBTS TEFL Certificate


Bruce Cassels

- What was it like when you first came to Bulgaria?

- I first came to Bulgaria in 1993. I landed in the middle of the night in Sofia and was taken to a hotel in the city centre. I checked into the hotel and was jetlagged as I had flown all the way from the USA. I went into the room, tired and went straight to bed. The bedcover had a Diamond shape in the middle and a big hole there. I had never seen that type of bedding before, so I tried climbing inside the hole, thinking it was a sleeping bag. Obviously, I didn’t fit and later realized my mistake.

- What do you do in your free time?
- I’m a member of the “Morski zvutsi” choir and I really enjoy singing. In the evenings I enjoy going to restaurants in town and at the weekends going to bars and clubs.

- What would be your perfect day?
- Firstly, I would get up late and enjoy a big cooked American breakfast. Afterwards, I would spend time with my kids, probably on the beach or for a nice walk with them. Then, we would go to the movies and have dinner together. Тhe evening would be with my friends, in a bar somewhere.

- Where is your favourite place in Bulgaria?
- I would have to say Koprivshtitsa. I enjoyed the beautiful architecture, traditional food and the nature that surrounds the town.

- Is it difficult to learn the Language?
- I started learning Bulgarian in 1993 and I’m still not perfect. I try to speak it whenever I can and can hold a conversation on most topics. I am amazed that some words and phrases in Bulgaria express the meaning or idea much better than the English equivalent.

Очаквай съвсем скоро и следващото интервю от поредицата, което ще е с една специална дама, която е един от най-опитните ни учители :)